Recalibration and immortality


Fine tuning the Seeing Ear

Originally posted on THE HEART OF GOD:
By Marsha & Dale Brethour Recently, I was engaging with Abba about some events that have been occurring in my own personal journey. I was taken…

Whispers from our Father’s Heart

Whispers from our Father’s Heart is just a morsel of bread or a sip of wine or cold water to encourage you, and help you overcome and already now walk in your full identity as… Continue reading

The Apocalypse Within by Vin DiTizio

THE BOOK OF Revelation is a complex vision. A book about it can be just as complex. If you find yourself getting bogged down in the messages to the churches and you know… Continue reading

“True Seed”

Originally posted on A Voice for the Gathering Saints:
Coming out from among the arena of education, as known in today’s modern world, there are many veins of so-called truth taught by them…

“The Changing of the Guard”

Originally posted on A Voice for the Gathering Saints:
We, as God’s people are coming awake to this truth, that there is a change going on that seemingly does not follow in line…

Benjamin – The Remnant Company by Elaine Cooke

Before I shared this word at the ’97 Feast of Tabernacles in Portland, the Lord dropped an unusual word into my heart: “. . . in the volume of the book it is… Continue reading

Library of Prophecies for the UK – and elsewhere

Library of Prophecies for the UK – and elsewhere.

A Generation Of Forerunners

Originally posted on Sons Of Issachar:
Mike Parsons with Jeremy Westcott – As we saw last time, God will have His way: His will is going to be done, and our choice is whether…

Wait, There’s More

Originally posted on Bread for the Bride:
Ten years ago in 2003 I was given the words to a prophetic song (see below).  They speak of a time when the Bride of Christ…