“True Seed”

A Voice for the Gathering Saints

Coming out from among the arena of education, as known in today’s modern world, there are many veins of so-called truth taught by them as “the truth.” These veins of truth, so called, are also coming forth from the religious arena, with these likewise propagated as being “the whole truth.” These mind-sets find themselves standing in accordance with that one “realm of thought,” a self-standard established which opposes and resist any other “realms of thought.” These thought patterns become a “seed,” which once planted in the minds of various vessels, begin to bring forth a like-kind nature. That is, while standing upon their “truth” they, more often than not, resist and war against what God has declared as “truth,” Any truth as established only by God and placed in a seed (the Christ), are for growing into manhood and maturity to manifest itself according to God’s preordained purpose, fruit manifesting…

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